Mubaraka Mohammadi is a photographer from Afghanistan. She belongs to the ethnic group of the Hazara, who are mostly Shia Muslims. She is originally from Daykundi, which is a small province located in the center of Afghanistan.
 She has been passionate about photography since 2019. 

Mubaraka has a degree in Business Economics from Avicenna University in Balkh. Yet, she ended up not working in the field. Instead, she followed her passion for becoming an athlete and a photographer. Mubaraka became a praised skateboarder and worked as a coach. As well, she photographed skateboarders and the First National Afghan Women Ski team. 
“I am very interested in taking pictures of people because I believe that everyone has a beautiful and audible story to tell.”
 After the Taliban take over, Mubaraka has escaped and presently is at a refugee camp in Belgium.
The Taliban confiscated her hard drive with all the original photos on her way to the airport. 
The images you can see in this gallery are the only ones she could gather from different sources. And just like the photos of every Afghan photographer, all of the images in this gallery are unique and one of a kind.