OMER KHAN, Afghanistan


Omer Khan was born and raised in Kabul, Afghanistan. From a young age, he loved arts, and in 2009 he started learning calligraphy at a private institution.After finishing high school and working in the art industry for some time, Omer was accepted to Fanoos University to pursue a career in journalism. 

His main goal was to portray the historical heritage of Afghanistan through his photography. “The reason I always say that photography is my passion and that it communicates across languages and cultures. I love to tell stories, and I am willing to help people see how beautiful they are “.

Omer has exhibited his work in Paris, France. He is a widely known and respected photographer.
Additionally to his photo career, he proudly volunteered with the projects to work with the street children, helping them set up a brighter future. 
But all was interrupted on August 15, 2021, when the Taliban took over Afghanistan.
Knowing the inevitable danger he would face, Omer escaped the country. After three months of wandering from one refugee camp to another, he and part of his family settled in Southern California, USA.

Omer's work is unique, but it has become nostalgic in a matter of one day. All of his photos are now a historical visual record of life in Afghanistan before the Taliban takeover. All the images are one of a kind.